Cellobration Festival

Welcome Cellists!

The 2018 Cellobration Festival is an exciting opportunity for young cellists to explore different aspects of cello technique and performance in a fun and friendly environment. The festival is open to intermediate and advanced cellists between the ages of 8-18.

2018 Summer Cellobration Festival

Michael Bonner and Ashima Scripp, directors

Session 1
June 18-22, 2018, 3-7pm

Each day we will explore a different aspect of cello playing, such as “The Great Cellists”, “Thumb Position/Mapping the Cello” or “Mastering Rhythm” all taught by enthusiastic and experienced instructors. Master-classes will provide a unique opportunity for students to analyze their performances and build on aspects of stage presence,performance, ensemble technique, and projection. Students perform in a solo recital and with an all-cello ensemble!

Session II
June 23-24, 2018, 10-4pm

This session offers students a chance to dabble in the art of composition, improvisation and get creative with their cellos! Classes will focus on basic music theory, composition, and ensemble playing. Every student will create their own arrangement for two cellos of a popular, rock or jazz tune of their choice and create a music video to be shown at their culminating recital on June 24th.
Session I - $550
Session II - $300
Session I and II - $750
Some scholarship is available. Please inquire.